Edita Bedak

wedding planner

Edita Bedak
Jacksonville, FL

I am a born european girl which grew up most of the time in Germany. I have moved to the states when i was 11 years old and I love it! I am originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. These culture changes have thought me many different things in life and therefore I am very aware of the differences that exist between different religions, cultures and countries. My mother herself is a muslim but my father is a christian so I have been growing up a little differently and have experienced some diversity in my life,but I wouldn't have it any other way!


I am a trained Wedding Professional. I have been trained with a local wedding planner in Jacksonville Florida who has been in business for the past 22 years. I have had some hand on experience, but for what I have learned in this short time I believe I will make a great Wedding Professional. I am very organized and detail oriented and everything has just to be perfect. I am performing wedding planning services such as pre-wedding parties and everything else that has to pertain to a wedding in the Jacksonville area and as well as in other areas that my clients are expecting me too. I have a flezible schedule so I am always available for my clients. I am looking forward to giving you the best services that will meet your expectations.