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Jenna Matthews

professional organizer

Jenna Matthews

Charlottetown, PE

Make time for doing the things you love

My name is Jenna Matthews and I am a professional organizer. You are probably wondering, "how can you make a living organizing people's things when they could do it themselves?" No one is taught how to organize. It's a skill that is self-taught. What I do, is meet with you, and based on your wants and needs, I outline a customized plan and execute said plan to leave you an overly satisfied customer.

I have always had an interest in organizing, but that interest turned into an obsession because my life is finally in order. With having fewer possessions you can focus on the things that matter because there are fewer distractions. I believe that less is more and the things you own should bring you joy and serve a purpose. Having a cluttered house is the same as having a cluttered mind. By cleaning up the clutter you are clearing your mind and freeing yourself to do the things you want to be doing.


Decluttering - assisting you as you sort through your belongings to help with the purging process and acting as a personal coach

Organizing - assigning a designated place for quick retrieval and easy access


Jenna did a fantastic job of organizing our home. She offered many tips and helped streamline our household from top to bottom. I didn't realize how much stuff we had and didn't use. Jenna showed us how a minimalistic approach would allow us to stay better organized and clutter-free. I would highly recommend her services.