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Kelsie McLellan

makeup artist

Kelsie McLellan
Naples, FL

Letting makeup sing your story

Kelsie McLellan is an 18 year old Professional Makeup Artist, from Naples, Florida. Kelsie has a creative heart and mind and is following her passion in the makeup industry. Kelsie is striving towards working in bridal, and the High end clientele to create a look that complements each and every occasion.

Before starting her career as a makeup artist, Kelsie spent many nights learning new techniques and styles for different occasions, she would then work on perfecting those techniques on herself and family members. Kelsie then decide to following her mother and sisters footsteps to pursue a career in cosmetology. Makeup has been a huge part of her life ever since the day she got her first eyeshadow pallet. Kelsie hasn't been able to put her brushes down and she wont any time soon.


. Bridal ( Full face makeup for that special day)
. Prom
. Special Events (Party`s)
. Your Red Carpet Moments
. Fashion Events