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Vanessa Mansbridge

makeup artist, special fx makeup artist

Vanessa Mansbridge


Home grown event make up

I've always had a passion for make up from my very time watching my mother apply hers and as I grew up I knew that's what I wanted to do, so now I am working to qualify myself as an artist.

I was the kid who used to steal her mums make up and attempt to do a make up look, now 10 or so years later, I'm a qualified make up artist!

Dreams can come true after all.


Event make up,
Evening make up,
Every day wear,
Prom and wedding make up,
Mobile make up services for 4+ people


I have never been more thankful for wondering upon a website in my life. I was that kid who stole her mums make up and put it on (completely wrong) because it was just so fascinating. Now I can master those skills (and put it on the correct way) in a whole new way, being a manager and a full time dog parent (yes it's hard work) meant that I was in no place to begin a college course. In swoops Nathan and team to save the day and here I am a year later, a qualified MIMP with a business, a new car and a very posh doggo. Thanks QC, you've really made my childhood dream a reality!