Rebecca Irby Barksdale

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Rebecca Irby Barksdale
Queens, NY

I will can make your dreams come true.

I am Rebecca Barksdale and I work for a wonderful Airline, for whom I work for over 18 years, I also work from home and enjoy what I do. I can take something old and turn it new or take something new and enhance the beauty. I am just an ordinary person who as a child was a thinker and love to write. As I grew older I realize responsibility came into play and I had to do what any other had to do, and that was to WORK. I put aside my writing and creating to survive. But now I am in a place where I have time that I went back to doing what I really love writing and creating and now it has evolved to event planning.

I did graduated from High School and I did do some college but at that time I could not get the hang of school anymore. So I went out to get employment with Amsco School Publications where I utilized some of my skill set that I adore when I was a child, was to create the company new brochures to hand out to potential school district of what books was published. I stayed with them for over 10 years till I got laid off and decided to go back to school. I did 1 year in college but that didn’t work out for me again and Delta Airlines fell into my lap and I had to go for it. Working with the airlines gave me new meaning to life and getting the chance to travel gave my eye new thing to see that I haven’t before and gave me the inspiration to start my own business to do what I love. I am now attending QC Career School and now I planning to get certified to do what I love.


My specialty is décor, centerpieces and flower arrangements. When planning an event, I make sure that I listen to what my clients wants and give them what they ask for with little deviation. I try to give my clients the dream event that want with a touch of love to show them how far I can go to make it beautiful and elegant.