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Emma Noakes

makeup artist

Emma Noakes

Victoria, BC

Hello! I am a makeup artist specializing in special effects and beauty, located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I always like to say that I make people into their best and worst! I take great interest in the glamorous, flawless and seamless aspects of beauty makeup as well as the raw and grittiness of special effects. My goal while doing my artistry is always to create an impeccable transformation, whether it be glam or gore. I have a very wild imagination, and no matter the circumstances are I can always manage to create something new and unique. It is my utmost priority to keep my client's happiness, desires and safety first! Makeup artistry is my passion, and I feel as though my purpose in life is to share it with others.

I am currently a freelancing artist and I work on my own. All of my services are completely tailored to the client themselves. With my expertise and advice, I work with all my client's desires and ideas to create the best outcome possible. Although I offer brief listings of my services, the first thing I always do while working with a client is ask what they envision and want. Colours, style and finish are all up to you!


(All prices are in CAD, and each rate is per person unless specified.)


Basic everyday beauty makeup - $34.99
Glam event makeup - $44.99
Group basic beauty makeup (10 people or less) - $65
Group glam makeup (10 people or less) - $75
False eyelash application - $13
Makeup touch-up service (on location) - $50
Brow grooming - $8
Makeup lesson - $35 (per hour)