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Rachelle Atkinson

travel consultant

Rachelle Atkinson

Melbourne, VIC

Making your destination weddings and special vacations even more special

Welcome everyone!

My name is Rachelle and I am here to be your personal wedding planner and travel consultant. My aim is to give you a wonderful experience from your initial consultation right through to the finishing and final touches of all your planning, and beyond until your return from your travel destination.

World of Wonder is all about making special celebrations even more fabulous by taking them abroad and giving them that extra special attention they deserve.

I am a determined and focused individual who strives for the very best in all I do, and I understand what some of even the minor details can mean to people.

A mum of 4, I love being energetic and friendly, I love a challenge and strive to always do my best and go beyond expectations.

As a student of QC Travel school, and also QC Event and Wedding Planning School, I have always aimed to show my personality through my assignments and aim for top marks.

My travel bucket list is quite extensive and I will delight in continuing to travel around visiting as many places as possible.
I have so far had the chance to vacation in Hawaii and have booked to go back. Next on my list is to experience a cruise so that I can share the experience with others and have greater knowledge when preparing clients for booking a cruise themselves.


There are many travel consultants out there, however with my packages catering to specific life events and milestone celebrations, I can offer a more personal touch and experience to your celebrations and vacations.
Basically all you need to do is book in your initial consultation, let me know your thoughts and dreams and then I will work my magic; booking and seeing you off on your dream and celebratory vacations is fulfilment intself.

Specialising in
- Destination Weddings
This package includes full wedding planning service right from day one and also involves booking travel needs for the couple to be wed, their family and friends and the honeymoon vacation.
- Honeymoon Vacations
This package includes flights, accommodation, car hire, tours and hotel transfers. If we do not have a particular destination on our list, please feel free to make an enquiry for a destination you are interested in.
- Specialty Vacations (covering a variety of areas from birthdays, anniversaries, any other milestone celebrations)
This package includes organising the event itself, whether that be at home or abroad, along with travel packages to suit your budget and length of celebration/vacation.
Including flights, accommodation etc. (Please see adventure travel, beach escapes and cruises that tie in with these).
- Beach escapes
A package inclusive of flights, accommodation and tours; the perfect chance for you to get away from your everyday life and having the chance to relax and be you.
- Adventure Travel
This package gives you the opportunity to explore more into your travel destination by booking tours and activities, whether that be to delve more into the local community or to experience something you may not have considered doing back home.
- Cruises - including couples getaways, family vacations, and any other celebratory events.
Choose a cruise line from our list, choose your style of cruising, choose your destination. This package also includes flights, and accommodation at port where needed or to extend your stay.

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