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Molly Rose

makeup artist

Molly Rose

London, ON

A fresh approach to your natural beauty.

At You and Improved, we believe your look is your look and there is no wrong way to wear makeup. Our artists will help you highlight your natural beauty and personalize your style.

Molly Rose
Growing up in a traditional city in Southern Ontario Canada inspired Molly's passion for classic design. Being an honours student made her attention to detail evident in all areas of her life. In choosing her career, Molly discovered that the most exciting part of her day was creating her makeup look. She decided to share her passion to help others feel that same excitement. The youngest of four children, Molly has the ability to appeal to any style allowing her clients to be themselves, only improved.


Here at You and Improved, we have what it takes to meet all of your makeup needs!

Special Occassion & Prom,
Tattoo Coverage,
Makeup Lessons,

and so much more!

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