Blended by Nature

Natalie Osborne

makeup artist

Natalie Osborne
charlottesville, VA

Hi there,
My name is Natalie a nineteen year old passionate girl who is finally chasing her dreams. I am an aspiring makeup artist located in the outskirts of Charlottesville, VA. I have been playing around with makeup for going on eight years now. After many years of discovering my love for the field i decided to chase after my dreams and make a career out of it. I am now a current student at QC makeup academy -- learning both practical and theory about the world of master makeup artistry. From the time I was born it seemed as though i was put here on this earth to make others feel good about themselves. It's pretty awesome to say what i want to do for a living is help make people feel beautiful. I am so eager to continue on this journey on the world of beauty. If you would like feel free to follow me on this journey <3

Background on the name "blended by nature";
I am biracial with both caucasian and african american, this means I am a blend of two races. It wasn't until more recently when I have truly emerged and learned how to love who I am. I was born with a gift of having a split cultured life. For this reason I decided to create the name blendedbynature It is a constant reminder to embrace who I am and truly be proud to share it with the world.