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Stella Borges

Stella Borges

Brantford, ON

For as far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with the beauty industry. Women do go through great lengths to look and feel a certain way and submit themselves religiously to different beauty regiments. I am also the kind of person who will notice the most subtle change and will compliment you on it; I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have been told "Wow... Stella, you are the only one who noticed”... This sentence alone was enough to make my day. I consider all women beautiful in their own unique way.

I have been part of the corporate world for quite some time now and love what I do. Following my heart and desires to learn more about my other interests, I got my certification in Makeup Artistry. I am grateful for the invaluable experience it thought me.

I immersed myself into the eyelash extension world and became obsessed with it. I was thinking and even dreaming about it all the time. I knew this time I was on the right track. I truly enjoy the slower pace of the application procedure, the attention to detail, the transformation... It felt all organic and therapeutic to me. I mean, if women could come see me and forget all about the outside World and their responsibilities for a few hours … Why should I rush them? Every woman deserves that time and attention. And this is my commitment to all Women.

Godiva Lash


The Synthetic Silk Lashes are the most cost effective option. They are ideal for clients who do not wish to use animal products. Because they are synthetic, they hold their curls well.

Softer than the Synthetic Silk Lashes, but hold enough rigidity to achieve the desired full look. Mink lashes are quite in demand at Godiva lash for their quality and affordability.

When your natural lashes shed, so will the extension. A little touch up may be necessary to fill up the blank spots. In less than 1 hour, you will be on your way to a full look again!

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amazing work. Very professional! I love it! You guys need to try. I am very happy with my eyelash extensions. I feel another woman now. She is very perfectionist. Comfortable environment. I almost sleep.. Lol. Thanks!

Patricia N.


Used Godiva Lash for my fall wedding. She was really professional, nice, respected my needs and was honest about the end result of the lashes. I was looking for a natural look and was really satisfied with it. Thanks Godiva Lash



With this being my first time ever getting eye lash extensions, I would definitely return! I get so many compliments it's amazing.... Great atmosphere and quality work... Highly recommended!

Baily R.


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