Stephanie Bergeron- Private fashion Stylist

Stephanie Bergeron

fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Stephanie Bergeron
Quebec, QC

Personalize the experience so it will be remembered

I am passionate for everything that is fashion but especially making people feel beautiful in the right outfit for them. Everyone is unique in their own way and I make it my mission to make my clients feel at their very best using my knowledge and experience to select the right shape, color and style for each person. I am a personal stylist which means I help my clients one on one to find their inner fashionista depending on her personality, lifestyle, likes/ dislikes and shape.

I have worked in the fashion industry for 6 years in different companies as a fashion consultant and fashion merchandiser which make me extremely knowledgable in the different aspects of styling. I have also studied in fashion marketing and merchandising for 3 years which also adds to my bagage. I can say without a doubt that in all my years in the fashion industry, my highest moments are the ones where my clients feel as beautiful as they can be. I have made it happen many times and this is why I am here today, offering my services to make others feel their absolute best with my help and knowledge in fashion.


1.Wardrobe Therapy : Evaluation of the clients current wardrobe. Determining what to keep and what to give away. We will be trying on stuff in the current wardrobe to see what can be done with what we already have. We also will be making a list of things I recommend that the client should have and is missing right now. 
Duration: 2 or 3 hours Rate: 65$ an hour + 55$ the 2nd hour + 50$ the 3rd hour = 165$ + taxes
2. Private consultation : This service includes firstly, a phone meeting for me to gather information on the clients likes dislikes, general style, expectations, etc. After we meet for a shopping session taking in considerations her needs. Duration: 2-3 hours. Rate: 65$ an hour + 55$ the 2nd hour + 45$ 3rd hour = 165$ + taxes
3.Style Party: gathering between families, friends or others to style in the private studio while having fun. These parties would be 5 people maximum in general so that every client has the chance to have some time and attention. We would have a meeting on he phone before time so that I get to know and evaluate each client. I would do the preparation shopping before hand as well because this meeting would be in the private studio, therefore the cloths has to be chosen before hand. Then, at the time of the consultation one to one they will get the change to try on and get my feedback while having fun with their friends in private and gathering their opinions as well Duration : 4 hours (can be less depending on the number of people) Rate: 75$ per person / per hour.
4. Extra-Private Consultation: This service offers the same phone meeting than the private consultation to know better the client but this kind of service includes me going to select the clothing and accessories for my client before hand and we try it together at her home or private studio. Now, at home? Yes, it is something new but I feel I can get the client as «at ease» as she/ he can get and we can also mix and match with her current wardrobe which is great. At the studio is also a great idea because we can be one on one with no distractionsDuration: 4.5 hours Rate: 75$ first hour + 65$ 2nd hour + 55$ 3rd hour + 45$ 4th hour + 30$ half hour (for adjustments if needed. Example: changed sized or color, etc.)