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Lizaida Woznuk

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Lizaida Woznuk

North Royalton, OH

Simply, What you think is beautiful!

Hello, my name is Lizaida Woznuk and I currently reside and work out of North Royalton, OH. To my friends and family, I am famously known as Liz, so please feel free to call me as such considering you will be apart of the Personal Aesthetic family by the end of our journey together. My personal approach is to take your sense of beauty and unique style to create what is already inside you and bring it to life for your event. My planning packages include weddings, birthdays, milestone occasions, and private events with a side of event decor and interior decorating. I have a thinking outside the box sensibility so if you feel I can be a great fit, I would love to make it happen.

A little bit about my background. I have extensive training in customer service. I worked in retail, fashion and visual merchandising. I have recruited new employees and at one point had up to 25 people working under me which I hired and trained. I have managed various locations and have been told I have great leadership skills. However, in all of this, visual merchandising was definitely my favorite part. I loved the creativity of it and where my imagination would take me. I loved bringing my personal vision or the stores vision to life. The sense of beauty and excitement a customer felt when they saw my work was priceless. It definitely always gave me a great sense of pride. In my personal life and home, I feel the same excitement and passion. I love taking something that may not be so beautiful anymore and refurbish it to give it a whole new life and purpose. I love mixing vintage with modern. I have remodeled one home and in the process of remodeling another. I currently work in the medical field, which I love, but it is not what gets my gears going. I enjoy getting to know my patients on a daily basis and being great at what I do. I have been recognized and have been given awards in my fields. I am very outgoing. Definitely not shy. These traits, I feel, definitely carry over when I am working with my clients. I have planned numerous events for friends and family, including my babies, two boys. Well, not really babies anymore, but to me they always will be. I am also the event coordinator for my department at the hospital I currently work in. My educational background includes, high school graduate, college for liberal arts, certification and diploma as a medical assistant and currently a student with QC Career School for wedding and event planning, event decor and interior decorating.


Services include:

Initial consultation to discuss your event, budget and pricing, as well as offering advice and council.

Follow up consultation with visual and mood boards to bring your ideas to life and an outline summarizing the planning and preparation process.

I will assist in arranging venues, vendors, suppliers and supplies, invitations, transportation, entertainment, catering ,decor and anything else that shall arise in our discussions.

I have a hands on approach, so on the day of the event, I will be there to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently and that your vision is being realized.

Services always include completion of the event including working with staff on break down and clean up.

I will be your sounding board and your friend because you deserve nothing less than perfection on your special day.

Services offered currently in Ohio only.