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Tammy Hart Interior Design

Tammy Hart

interior decorator, interior redesigner

Design. Transform. Live.

Tammy Hart Interior Design is a boutique decorating and design firm that partners with their residential clients to design concepts that transform their spaces and enhances their lives.

While always continuing the education process, developing supplier relationships and keeping on top of industry trends we truly believe that Billy Baldwin (not the actor but the Designer) is correct. To paraphrase him, “If you like something, it will always be a trend.” So though we would LOVE to bring our clients the latest and greatest in industry design trends, we strongly believe in making your home just that, Your Home.

By valuing the customer experience, we gently guide our clients through the design process to ensure a seamless transition from what once was to their newly designed space. We will work help you accessorize, suggest colour flow, plan your space and shop for furniture if you want new furniture, but at the end of the process, we want a home that is a stylish, functional, and most importantly, a comfortable home that matches your style and family’s daily routines.

Director & Designer, Tammy Hart of Tammy Hart Interior Design, has passionately been styling spaces for over seventeen years working with some of the most incredible clients.

She is driven by her eye for detail, her enthusiasm for creativity, and sheer perfectionism. Engrained to her core, she values meeting and exceeding client expectations by listening actively to her clients, understanding their needs and hopes, and gently guiding them through the design process to ensure it is a pleasant and less stressful experience.

To maintain her work/life balance, you'll find her, when she's not designing stunning spaces for her clients, with her supportive husband and two brilliantly creative children or in the kitchen baking up a storm (which her clients definitely appreciate!)


Our Services Include:

In-Home Consultations
Colour Flow & Styling
Space Planning
ReDesign and ReModel
Holiday Decorating Services
Setting TableScapes
Personal Shopping


“I had a very blank and boring apartment space. Very dull and neutral colours are not my style. Through consultation with Tammy Hart, she came up with a lovely bright style that suited me perfect! She suggested a new layout for my living room, colour scheme, and decor as well. I purchased some purple decor like her suggestion, although I wasn't able to paint due to lease, I was able to switch up the small space and make it more ME! I added some colour and it all went together lovely! I've since moved and taken the colour scheme and design here too. And may need additional services from her to spruce it up here!!”

Dallas Tennisco


"THANK YOU for the fabulous consultation! I had been living in this awkward layout for the past 8 years and your design/furniture arrangement options actually made me like this rental again. Tammy's listening skills, creativity, thoroughness, and written report all while maintaining my budgetary and rental constraints makes her an excellent designer...I would recommend Tammy's consultation for anyone 'stuck' in their home!"

Shannon Sheppard


Tammy is a talented lady!

Barb Sakaforas