Sister4Sisters Professional Planning

Deborah Thurman

event planner

Deborah Thurman
Chattanooga, TN

We Work For You

Welcome to the future of event planning! Sister4Sisters (S4S) is an event planning company that specializes in corporate and domestic events. This company will offer four types of services, women retreats, weddings, baby showers, and women conferences. We will strategically manage all phases of our events from creating, producing and planning to ensure our clients events are a success. We take pride in our efforts to train individuals to be highly skilled professionals, to equip them with the dexterity needed to host through S4S’s client partner events.


We offer services to professional and domestic women and provide them with the highest level of event planning, by going the extra mile. We exist to attract new clients and maintain existing clients, because we believe in providing the same quality results every time. We will educate ourselves and invest in the demands needed to lead in our market, as the marketplace for event planning continues to grow. It is important for our services to exceed the expectations of our clients.