Breenna Chavez

makeup artist, special fx makeup artist

Breenna Chavez
Phoenix, AZ

I am Breenna, Bree for short. I have been teaching myself special effects since 2013. I like to work with materials I can find around my house. My strengths are in blood and gore and my weakness is in beauty. I am trying to learn to be more well rounded with my makeup skills.

I am 29, I have a beautiful 6 year old boy and a supportive husband of one year. My biggest role model is the great Greg Nicotero. I hope to get into the same field so that I can hopefully have a chance to work alongside him. I first started with zombie makeup for our yearly zombie walks here in Arizona. I've done makeup on myself and various friends and family that have been very willing to be my models. I post all my work to my personal Facebook and Instagram as I have yet to open my professional pages.