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Sepia Tan Artisrty

Violeta Lopez

makeup artist

Violeta Lopez

Waukegan, IL

Love the shade your in.

"Love the shade your in."

What I mean by that, is no matter what culture you come from, what skin type, or skin tone you have; you should embrace it. Love it, and love yourself.
This is for every woman and man.
I want to be part of that transition, that discovery and that celebration.

I grew up in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago. As a late teen , I worked many years in the bridal industry. Working close with my aunt, who owned her business. I learned the ins-and -outs of putting a wedding together. From designing dresses, bouquets, embroider a wedding dress with beads and crystals. As well as attending Bridal Trade Shows to stay in trend. One thing I loved most , is being able to create and making others happy bringing their vision to life.

In my Adult life, for many years I worked in a field I happen to fall into. I worked to pay the bills. However; still found time to be artistic with my personal time. Doing makeup for friends and family. Now, I do what makes me happy. Being able to be artistic and being part of something special. Creating memories.

Makeup Artistry is just another way to express myself.


I love to create, to be artistic. To be able to transform someone, on their special day.
As well as other occasions; like turning a person into a zombie, or cover tattoos , birthmarks or even veins on the legs. Makeup helps to create an illusion.

I was a beach tanner for a long time, I too wanted to look like the movie stars on T.V.
So I educated myself on sunless tan. I mastered the techniques and now pass on that natural glow in the safest way. Along with Airbrush Tanning, I again wanted to jump in to other makeup techniques and education. So I did, Airbrushing Makeup for beauty or Special FX .
Creating is part of my life. I love playing with colors and stretching my imagination.

Traditional Makeup Application , Airbrush Tans, Airbrush Makeup & Some Special FX