QC Career School

Artistry by JamesTravis

James Garner

airbrush makeup artist, makeup artist

James Garner

Los Angeles, CA

Enhance Her Beauty From Within

As Professional MakeUp Artists JamesTravis Prides himself On Providing An Experience That Is Tailored Comfortably To Each Clients Wishes! Making Sure All Clients Are Truly Satisfied Is His One And Only Goal. JamesTravis Believes That No Matter What It Is You Choose To Do In Life If Its Done With Love And Care You’ll Always Find True Happiness

Artistry by JamesTravis Brought to You by BeatificBeuti & Co.

Meet James Travis One Of Our Amazingly Skilled Professionals Who’s Trained In MakeUp Artistry! With A More Classical Approach James Prides Himself On Naturally Enhancing Looks. Incredibly, JamesTravis Has Perfected His Craft Over The Past 2 Years, as well as his Amazing Blending Technique which he Beautifully Mastered! Along With His Knowledge Of All Products, and Skillful Creativity; Enhancing A Persons Unique, And Natural Beauty Comes With Ease! With Each & Every Colorfully Inspired Look JamesTravis Not Only Gives You A Boosting In Confidence But A Glowing Appearance That’ll Sure Be Mesmerizing!


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