Testimonials for Setember Holubiczko

"...She [Setember] was making us feel like home. I came to know her in the evening dinner party. But she is one who cares for everyone attending it like anyone else." (New college grad program in the US from India)

Easwara Ananth Thulasiram

"Setember helped plan my wedding and reception on a small budget and was able to pull off what I thought was the impossible. She created an ambience my family still talks about. I am so thankful for her organization and attention to the details."

Sandra L. Graham

"While we had limited funds and could not do everything we had envisioned, Setember came up with great alternatives and the end result was perfect."

Jill Singletary

"Setember was flexible and very easy to work with from the get-go. We were planning a large family event and we sat down with her to discuss what we wanted and our budget. Setember had many creative ideas and it actually became a little difficult to narrow down as they all sounded fun. Our goal was an over-the-top event for all ages attending, yet not a circus atmosphere the kids would most enjoy or elevator music the older people would enjoy. Setember pulled off what I thought would be the impossible. We will be using her again!"

Ann Worden-Shan