Kosmos Events

Katherine Dion

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Welcome to Kosmos Events, where we make preparing your event as fun and enjoyable as the big day!

From beginning to end, or somewhere in between, let’s create an event that is as unique and successful as you envision it!

It all started with Interior Design and my love for beautiful spaces. Though my career soon morphed into web design, my skills we're transposed into a new and very trilling environment; one of organization and management.

After many years in that field, I desired a more fulfilling career that combined both organization and design. I started creating and managing small events for friends and small businesses in my area and from there my career evolved into event planning.

My wide experience ranging from customer service, project management to graphic design, allows me to tackle every step in the creation and execution of your event with ease.


Kosmos is here to help reduce the amount of work and organisation related to your event. To do so, we offer partial or complete management of your event, may it be for a fundraiser, a product launch, a wedding, a kids party and much more.

Select one or more of the following services or opt for the complete package:
+ Planning
+ Execution
+ Artistic Direction
+ Graphic Design Assistance
+ Web Content & Social Media Management
+ The COMPLETE Package

Want a custom service that fits your needs? Contact us for more information.