Radiant Faces by Brittany

Brittany Bishop

makeup artist

Brittany Bishop
Portugal Cove, NL

Here to help you get that look-good, feel-good feeling!

Hello there! I hope you are feeling RADIANT today. My name is Brittany Bishop-Wiseman. Since raiding discovering my mother’s makeup stash as a little girl, I have had a passion for makeup as a way to have fun with colour and creativity. As I grew, I came to see makeup as a way to outwardly show my artistic side as well as give myself a confidence boost. I believe in the power of makeup! Something as elaborate as a fresh, glamorous face of makeup for a bride’s big day to something as simple as filling in the eyebrows and adding a touch of colour to the lips and cheeks of someone battling cancer can bring about a sudden change that effects the whole body. Some call it the look good, feel good factor. My goal as a makeup artist is simply to help you radiate your personal beauty for all to see so that it can spread positivity to everyone.

The name Brittany, as told to my parents when I was born, means leader. For my whole life, I never really understood how to live up to that meaning and what my parents wanted for me. It wasn’t until I tried university, attempting to follow the lead of what society expected of me, that I realized how. I had to be my own leader. I had to sit myself down and really think about my goals and what I could do with my life. I figured that I needed to do something that I would enjoy, am well versed in and something that I could build into a successful career! My only answer that combined all criteria was makeup.

As I said above, I have had a life-long love for makeup and a thirst to learn everything I could about the medium. Since my only “training” had been from Youtube tutorials and trial-and-error, I knew I needed to do some sort of training for my services to be taken seriously. Thus, I went on an online hunt to find any credible makeup academies with distance courses. When I discovered QC Academy, I knew right away it was for me and eventually signed on few months later. As with my passion for all things makeup, I have also had a passion for leaving behind any sort of lasting positive legacy. Hence, the creation of Radiant Faces by yours truly.

I wish to run my business in a way that the faces I create are more than just blush and mascara. I want to instill a lasting glow that radiates from within. I wish for my clients to walk away from their time with me feeling as though they have made a friend and gained a little extra confidence in themselves. I wish to show everyone just how beautiful they are in a way that doesn’t come from the makeup itself, but from them. This can apply to the busy mom, a group of gal friends who want to look good for their night out, a young man looking to learn how to cover up blemishes for high school, the blushing bride or groom, or people who are our society’s heroes and survivors looking to gain back a little of their old selves should they wish to. If you or anyone you know wish to radiate their beauty, I would be more than happy to be the one to help you achieve just that.



Regular Makeup Services

Makeup Application - $45
Graduation/Prom - $40
False Eyelashes - $10
Junior Makeup Application (age 10-15) - $35
Everyday makeup DIY lesson and application session - $40
Radiate** makeup application - $40

Bridal Services

Makeup application for the bride - $55
Makeup Application for Bridesmaids & Guests - $45
Trial session - $60
False lash application - $10
Makeup application for the flower girl - $15
Makeup application for the junior bridesmaid - $35

** This makeup application is based around my driving purpose: to help people to see their true beauty and radiate it. Many people today walk around and keep their head down for fear of ridicule from bullies or because they lack the confidence to do otherwise. My goal with this style of session is to show my client that they are beautiful inside and out and to do my small part to boost their confidence. Confidence can radiate more beauty than any makeup job, outfit, body type or any other add-on media tells us is "best". I want to help anyone who wishes to stand a little taller and smile a little brighter reach that goal and simply radiate.