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Vivian Fernandez

Vivian Fernandez

editorial stylist, fashion merchandiser, personal stylist

Vivian Fernandez

Hermosa Beach, CA

Reawakening the senses through Fashion

I want to play a fundamental role in the confidence that stems from wearing a perfectly tailored and unique ensemble representative of one's authenticity and empowerment.

I grew up in Miami, Florida with my artistically inclined older sister whose idea of fun was to utilize me as a mannequin for her photo shoots. One would assume that after a plethora of high fashion tea party photo shoots in our moms "you're not allowed to sit in here" living room, I would've been inclined to go into fashion from the beginning of adulthood. Not exactly.
I graduated high school and pursued a career in music. I come from a long line of musicians and not only did it feel innate to be a musician, but it fulfilled the familial legacy. Still, music did not deter me from my love affair with fashion. I remained up to date on the latest trends and even more creating my own signature style. However, due to the overwhelming amount of schoolwork I had coupled with the impoverished status of being a college student, I began to lean toward thrift store shopping. It was frugal and unique. I was able to please my aesthetic inclinations on a budget whilst rocking styles that no one else was wearing.
I felt passionate about piecing ensembles together. It was effortless. It was second nature, and it wasn't until my friends began asking me to dress them all the time that I realized, I could do this forever.
I began working as a TV production assistant for several reality TV shows. I worked my way towards a Wardrobe position and landed it. After freelancing and working as an assistant styling commercials, photo shoots and working for different production companies I knew I had made the right career move. I’ve successfully owned and operated two vintage storefronts -- one in Miami Beach, Florida and the other in Los Angeles, California. Here, the seeds I planted grew and I branched out as a Stylist.
In order to strengthen my foundations for my next career move, I decided to enroll in the QC Style Academy. At QC, I was able to refine my styling skills and set in motion my career as a Personal Stylist. Currently, I reside in Los Angeles servicing clients locally and in Miami, Florida.


Servicing in Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida
Style Consultation: 1 hour phone or in person consultation. During our consultation we will discuss your personal style and assess what changes in your wardrobe you would like to see. Upon reviewing your wardrobe goals we will determine the services needed along with a budget that is most comfortable for you.

Personal Styling: After becoming familiar with your personal style goals and budget, I will arrange a meeting at your retail location of choice or an in home session where I will go over styling tips and ideas on how to create a perfect ensemble catering to your aesthetic.

Personal Shopping: 2-3 Hour shopping trip. Prior to your personal shopping trip we will assemble a list of items that should be purchased to update your wardrobe. Thereupon we will commence our shopping trip and buy the necessary accessories and clothing items to update and maintain your existing wardrobe. A personal style album will be created with the looks created to update and maintain your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Renovation: 2 Hour (or more depending on quantity) wardrobe renovation where we will determine what pieces simply don’t work for the client or are “out of date”. I will also go through your seasonal wardrobe and assess each item based on fit and purpose. After determining the unwanted items we will find a new home for those pieces by way of donation. With the items left in your closet we will create new looks and photograph each look and create your own personal style album.

Event Styling: We will define your style and build your wardrobe selections by shopping and scouting the pieces you require for your special event. We will determine your body type age and budget to guarantee you look and feel your best. Returns will be taken care of by your stylist.

Travel Packing: Help plan and provide complete looks for your upcoming travels, preparing you for any weather conditions, business meetings, social gatherings or sightseeing travels. Upon determining your pieces we will photograph each look to ensure you are confident with the choices made.

Photo Shoots: After analyzing the project I will determine how many looks are necessary to create the best story line. I will then take your measurements from head to toe to ensure you look your best. We will review the pieces and move forward with the best looks. On the actual day of the shoot, I will be there to oversee that each look is represented correctly.

Personal Shopping/Wardrobe Reno Package: This package offers the two services at a great price. The package consists of 5 hours of wardrobe renovation and personal shopping dividing the time as needed between the two services. This package is a great option to work and focus on each service listed in depth.