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Katie Schiel

personal stylist

Katie Schiel

Granville, IL

A Step Above The Rest!

Hello there, I'm Katie Schiel. I'm an Illinois based Wardrobe and Fashion Stylist. I'm currently working on my Fashion Styling degree with QC Style Academy. Throughout my life there has always been one constant. My undying love for fashion. I have always believed that the art of self-expression through what you wear will create the character that you will portray for that day, year…lifetime. Fashion has ways of making people feel beautiful in their own skin, that normally do not. That person get's the perfect outfit on, or picked out for them and the excited that radiates off them is contagious. I love making people feel that joy, its indescribable.


- Personal Shopper – You get two choices I can personal shop with or without you with me. If you decide to go with me shopping, we will focus on the things we establish that need to be gotten after going through your belongings and figuring out what works and does not work for your body type or things that you might need for an everyday use that you don’t necessarily have in the right size or shades for your skin tone. Choice two is I go personal shopping for you by myself, with the same idea behind the first choice I focus on what you need on the established list after going through your belongings, I will then later on meet up with you and discuss and show you the items I have then bought for your wardrobe. The fee is $80 an hour.

- Personal Stylist – I will advise you on all the new and upcoming trends, clothing styles, colors, and even the makeup having to do with the new upcoming trends. I will also help you determine your own personal style and also determine what you want to change about it. Together we will set together a new objective by evaluating your personality, and lifestyle. I will always assist you in creating the perfect image you want your clothes to portray on your body and to others. The fee is $100 an hour.

- Wardrobe Stylist – First we will start off by assessing your current wardrobe, to find the key of where you are now in life, and where you want to be. We’ll begin with going through the items in your wardrobe for a better understanding on how you shop, and what you shop for the most. We will go through what you have and haven’t worn within the last 6-9 months to a year. We will keep what works for you and your style now, and get rid of what doesn’t. Once done with that we take a closer look at what is left in your wardrobe and start planning outfits with the clothes left, and then proceed with a personal shopping trip that will get items to work the best for you. The fee is $100 an hour.

- Bridal Stylist – I will work one on one with the bride or bridal party to find the perfect wedding dress and accessories for the perfect wedding of your dreams. I will also if need be help along with styling the bridal party and finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses and tuxes for the groomsmen. The fee is $150 an hour, per person in the wedding party.

- Look book – I will put a collection of photographs using your current and new wardrobe pieces that will best define your personal style and make you look the absolute best no matter what the occasion is. You’ll be able to discover new ways wear pieces you didn’t think were popular anymore, how the best dress outfits for your body type, and learning the elements of style. A look-book will uncover unique and new outfits you never thought of trying out with your own pieces of clothing. The fee is a $50 flat fee, only have to pay once per look book you decide you want!

When booking three or more services you will get 10% off your final total cost.