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Blissfully Elegant Travel Consultants

Shannon Wilder

Shannon Wilder

York, PA

Travel is Bliss

Blissfully Elegant Travel is a full service travel agency located in York, PA. We are passionate about travel! Our goal is to assist you in creating memories on your dream vacation. Blissfully Elegant Travel Consultants provide insight and planning services for cruises, family vacations, tours, and luxury travel.

Blissfully Elegant is a new up and coming travel agency. We are a brand that is prepared to provide our customers with top notch service from start to finish ensuring that your vacation is just as you imagined. Your input is the critical first step needed for Blissfully Elegant Travel to create your desired trip. Further, along with our sister brand Blissfully Elegant Event Planning, planning an event anywhere in the world is no longer a wish, but a reality. Give all of your thoughts and ideas to Blissfully Elegant Travel and allow us to provide you with one-stop convenient vacation planning service.


• Cruises
• Family Vacations
• Luxury Travel
• Eco-tourism
• Adventure Travel
• Tours
• Group Travel
• Corporate Travel