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Krystal Jones

makeup artist

Krystal Jones

Dallas, TX

Makeup is my ART your face is my CANVAS

Hello and Welcome! I understand that everybody is different and that's why I go out of my way to listen to my clients and tailor my services to their specific needs. I also like to make people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Kryssy J is a self-taught Mobile Freelance Makeup Artist in the DFW Metroplex area. She has been doing make up since her High School days but its wasn't until she graduated when she realized that this was not only a hobby but a passion, she fell in love with this ART. She specializes in Beauty Enhancements for EVERY OCCASION. Kryssy J believes that EVERYONE is beautiful inside and out.

Her motto is "when you LOOK good you FEEL good and when you FEEL good you DO good" so not only does she like to enhance the outside beauty but she loves to UPLIFT and INSPIRE her clients inside beauty as well.


Beauty Consultation
Beauty Enhancements for ALL OCCASIONS
Special Effects Makeup (Coming Soon)
Air Brush (Coming Soon)