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Salina Raby

makeup artist

Salina Raby

Alcove, NY

Welcome, im Salina, an independent Ambassador for Acti-Labs. I strive to help women and men feel and look their very best with Acti-Labs. All products i use in my business are Acti-Labs which are all mineral makeups and animaly cruelty free as well as paraben free. Acti-Labs makes and distributes all their products so we know exactly what is in each.

I am a proud mother of four children looking to make a career out of my passion for makeup. I have been practicing makeup techinques for a few years now and applying to my friends and family. While searching for different makeups for different skin types and conditions i found acti-labs, there products are great for sensitive skin types, as well as other types. After being a customer for a short time i decided it was time to venture out and become an ambassador for this great company! Now i look to use my Makeup career alonf with my Acti-Labs and make women and men feel and look great with our products!