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Stellar Co. Events

Amanda Martorana

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Amanda Martorana

Tiffin, OH

"Let us help you become apart of something bigger."

Some of the most successful companies have one thing in common which is the care for their clients. We will go out of our way to make our clients feel like they are a part of something and make it a great experience.

“Starting in 2019, a new business will open that will be like a breath of fresh air. To help clients with all of their needs and wants. We take pride in what we do, and plan on doing this for many years ahead. We will make sure this special day runs smoothly and stress free. We provide a number of different services. Not just wedding planning, but Event Planning and Interior Décor. Our mission is to provide services that will be Breathtaking, Creative, and memorable work. The education that I have received is from QC Career school.


Stellar Co. Events, is a business for, Wedding planning& Event Planning and Décor. Including ( Private parties, birthday parties, business meetings, fundraisers, Religious Initiation Rites, graduation parties, and ceremonies.)
Our main goal is to build a bond between my clients. We want everything to be personal. Getting to know someone you really understand their preferences and what they want. Everyone has their own and unique style and sometimes you cant describe the style, and you just have to see it to understand it. That is why we want a personal relationship with my clients.