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Sheuly Begum

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Wedding Planner

I am a Wedding Planner based in London but don't worry I can travel anywhere.
Wedding Planning can be a near enough full-time job, for those who are busy to plan their own weddings or can plan their weddings but just don't know where to start then I am here for them.

Some brides plan their weddings from way before hand but when it comes to the crunch do they really want to do it all alone? No, mainly because it’s such a big duty to take on board. Yes we all have support from family and friends however will you make them take time off their life for your wedding? Why not just hire a wedding planner!

Wedding Planners are like the bridge of the wedding, they start from one side and go to the other side (wedding day). They know the best vendors, also give them a theme they have such creative mind that they will work and find it to work in your wedding. While they’re creating the bridge from you to your wedding day, they will make sure all steps are taken and not broken making sure everything is built and done correctly, legally and safely.
Not only will i be your Wedding Planner but I will also be your advisor. Wedding period can be tough on the brides/grooms specially if theirsdisagreements they end up having arguments but with me there I will always be here to help you.


It doesn’t only have to be a Wedding for me to plan. I can do any occasion....

It will start from me sitting down with the client discussing what they wish to do and mainly what their budget is. I will then write up a proposal within a day and then from there you can decided whether or not you would like to hire me. I will work around your schedule when making an a consultation.
In this consultation we will discuss what the client had in mind and what will work. Some clients come prepared they know where they want their event to take place.
I have different types of packages for Weddings.
For other Events everything will be mentioned in the proposal.

If I meet with the Bride and Groom and both has different ideas I will do two proposals one combination of both and another completely different to your specific ideas but still what you will go for. This is called: Exclusive-Mix.

I also can plan parties such as; Hen parties, Engagement parties, Henna parties, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties etc

Do not hesitate to contact me via email/phone; info@exclusiveplanning.co.uk/07506884225
Please either quote or mention QCWeddingPlanning.

Please note:
I do different religious weddings. From Christian to Jewish to Hindu to Muslim and the list goes on.

Have a read of my article published in Asian Wedding Online; why you should choose a Wedding Planner on the following link;


I'm sure you will want a wedding planner after reading that article.

Sheuly Begum
Exclusive Planning


When I asked Sheuly to help me with my wedding I never knew she would organise the whole wedding. She was so organised made me feel like a guest at my own wedding. If your thinking of hiring a Wedding Planner, hiring Sheuly will be the answer I give you.

Monira Begum

I planned my own wedding and henna party but I forgot I was the bride and couldn't really organise much on the actual day and that’s when Sheuly stepped up and said she will take over the responsibilities on the days and make sure I enjoy my wedding. That’s what exactly happened she had it all organised what should be done first and what should be done last. She worked with the photographer to capture the best shots. She made sure that everyone got their food, my wedding was overcrowded a lot of the guests were waiting but Sheuly made sure while they was waiting they had fun and was fed as soon as the first round was done. I'm glad I asked her to help or god knows what would've happened. I will always tell any bride who is looking to hire a Wedding Planner to hire Sheuly. She is a star.

Ripa Begum