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Carolyn Rhodes

makeup artist

Carolyn Rhodes

Cottondale, FL

My name is Abby Rhodes, I am 16 years old and I'm in 11th grade. I started doing Special Effects Makeup about 6 months ago just playing around with it and I fell in love with it! I want to pursue a career in Special Effects Makeup and hope to make it big one day.

I enjoy the outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing, ect. I am a country girl down to the bone.
I'm most comfortable in jeans t-shirt and boots doing my own thing. Special Effects Makeup makes me feel in control and I love the reactions of my clients that have allowed me to work on them. It is pure excitement and that makes me happy as well. I look foward to exspanding my clientel in the future as I take my learning and hands on to a new level. Who knows I may get the chance to work on YOU one day!


I have had a chance to work on multiple family memebers and freinds. My services are expanding to different levels ,and I've made my own facebook page just for my makeup.