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Hi my name is Nicole Surrette I am an Event Designer/Stylist located in Northern Rhode Island. I like to take the ideas that my clients envision and bring them to life. Whether a big whimsical affair, a quaint backyard barbecue, or anything in between.. I am your go-to girl to help design your theme!

I would like to start off with my inspiration to design events. The first event I planned and decorated was my very own wedding. Now I am not about to tell you all was glitter and gold, and that it was flawlessly executed. I am actually going to be quite honest with you. So here it goes...

Planning any event can be a daunting task, but planning a wedding can take that task to a whole new level.
Planning an Event is a big to-do! Especially a Wedding! Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. There are countless details and needs that must be met. There are deposits, deadlines and time frames that these requirements are to be made by. Some people will think that the theme or idea of an Event does not really matter but that is not the case. Your design is going to be the first thing that your guests will notice upon their arrival. The key elements of your decor will play a big factor into your guests mood and the way they feel from the time they arrive until they depart. Did you know that certain colors can effect the way people feel? I did not. I did not know that certain colors can make people feel many ways from rushed, to cold and sterile, or even raise their blood pressure. Your decor exudes a certain feeling to your guests whether you're aware of it or not. Creating a Design or Theme can sometimes be so overwhelming for someone who is not experienced, that it may take the joy and fun out of planning. I was a total "Do It Yourself" bride. I did not realize my sanity would also become an expense that came with planning my wedding. It no longer was fun and many tears were shed in the process. I felt a little lost and needed some guidance. My assumption was that a Wedding Planner or an Event Designer was just not in my budget. Little did I know that there are a variety of Event Stylists and Planners that work within most budgets. So...... I assumed rather than researched. That assumption is what convinces future brides to designate a Guest, Aunt, Sister, Best Friend, or even their Groom to be to help execute their final plan. The problem with doing so is that someone who is not generally knowledgeable with a Wedding/Event timeline may feel a bit overwhelmed by the task at hand. The end result is that it could possibly stress out your guest to the point where they are so concerned over the details that it takes away from them being able to enjoy the moment with you.

If there is one thing I could change about planning my wedding it would be to have asked for help, and to have researched my options for a Wedding Designer or a Planner. Sometimes its better to leave the stress and specific details to the professional so you can absorb all the joys of your Event without the worry.

I am a Graduate of the QC Career School with recognition as an International Event Decorating Professional. I have studied topics such as, Color Psychology, Floor Plans/Layouts, Linens and Rentals, Table Decor, Centerpieces, Floral, and Lighting.

In my journey I hope that I can be the one who takes away your stress and who makes things seem a bit clearer. The one who allows you and all of your guests to enjoy every moment of your event. Almost like a real life Tinker-Bell....but with dark hair, and a bit bigger!

Let me help lessen the stress so you can have the time of your life and enjoy every moment of your next Event!!


Currently serving all of RI and Surrounding areas.

Offering Day of Services:

* For the Bride or Host who has a solid vision and possible key decor elements but just needs someone to execute their final plan, while making sure that things go accordingly.

Full Design Services

Partial Design/ Decor Services