Tianna Burtnett

makeup artist

Tianna Burtnett
Harrison, OH

I use my passion to enhance your beauty<3

My name is Tianna and i have a burning passion for all things beauty. I have always love makeup and beauty but was never aware of the amazing career i could make of. I also could have never guessed that i could make such a positive impact on peoples lives by helping them out on a special day! From prom, to bridesmaid to bride I've got what you're looking for!:)

I started out with makeup at a very young age just playing with it but from those moments I knew i loved it. I was just so unaware as to how vast the makeup world was until I was older. Once i hit high school everyone around me was picking their careers and I was still unaware that I could make a career out of makeup. So I started an Instagram page and makeup group on Facebook at about 20 years old and got myself out there in the beauty world and was told to become a makeup artist and that is exactly what i have done! I love how beautiful I feel when i create a new look of my very own and I love how amazing it feels to help someone feel beautiful on a special day so they can have an amazing time and get some amazing pictures!:)