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Vollmer Staging and Design

Rachel Vollmer

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator

Rachel Vollmer

Lynchburg, VA

Designed for living. Designed for life.

Having served along side my husband for over eleven years in the real estate business, we have learned that the best way to sell a home is to overcome objections. The most affordable and effective way to do this is through staging. Through the years, we have personally bought, renovated, and sold homes and our first goal is eliminating objections by beautifying and improving functionality for buyers. The results are a tremendous increase in value and a quick sale. I long to bring my experience and expertise into the process for as many sellers and home owners as possible. My passions for interior design are realized by making a home more marketable, beautiful, and more valuable. Whether you are a seller or a home owner I would love to bring my passion to help you sell your home or enjoy your home and maximize its comfort the way you deserve.

I grew up in the hills of WV on a farm watching my dad work tirelessly because that's what it takes to successfully run a farm, and watching my mom utilize her artistic abilities to beautify our home and add a supplemental income. This combination instilled in me the desire to apply hard work and god given passion and artistic abilities.
My husband and I met at Liberty University and graduated with a bachelor's degree. We have been married for 17 years and have 3 darling little ones, Jude, Elle, and Macy May. I am a full time mom to our three while also serving along side my husband in the real estate industry. Through the past eleven years, we have bought, renovated and sold homes realizing my passion for design and renovation. I love the transformation process and would love to help others beautify their home for a quick sale or for their own personal comfort and enjoyment. I love that I can help others in such an important way - improving their quality of life or assisting in such an important process as selling your home. I love being able to pour out my passions to serve others.


I am passionate about staging and home design and would love to help you in any of the following ways:

Home Staging - This process includes consultation and implementation of redesign with the intent of removing as many buyers objections as possible. Packages range from simple consultations to all inclusive redesign packages including implementation of the project from start to finish.

Color Consultation - Packages range from a 1 hour consultation to full implementation of new paint color throughout the desired areas in your home.

Interior Design - Interior design packages range from consultation to full implementation of new design to beautify your home for you to enjoy.

I offer each of these services in a variety of flexible arrangements to meet your needs. Whether you are seeking some expert guidance or need full implantation that includes design, shopping, managing contractors, and execution, a package can be tailored to meet your needs and create the space you dream of.

Whether you are ready to sell or eager to make your home the retreat that you deserve, I would love to assist you in this important process. Contact me today to tailor a package to meet your needs.