Vicky Dumais

Vicky Dumais

personal stylist

Vicky Dumais
Québec, QC


Amoureuse de la mode née , Vicky a toujours su aider sa famille et ses amies dans les sélections vestimentaires ainsi que les agencements de vêtements et accessoires.

En 2008 elle décide de s'inscrire au DEC en commercialisation de la mode.

Au fil des ans, elle a développés et perfectionnés ses talents de stylistes, toujours avec ses cobayes préférés.

C'est en 2016 qu'elle décide de suivre une formation en stylisme personnalisé pour perfectionner sa passion pour en faire un métier. .


Initial Consultation // no charge
Your first step towards a new style. Meet your personal stylist one-on-one.
Together, we will identify your wants, needs and style goals.
Approximately 1 hour, by appointment only

Signature Style Session // $350
Call this the most efficient, educational and enjoyable shopping experience of your life. Spend an afternoon trying on items and exploring new looks from multiple retail locations. Everything is pre-selected for you.
Approximately 3 hours, by appointment only.

Personal Styling/Travel Styling // $120 per hour
Do you despise going to the stores? Don't have the time/patience? Let me do it for you. Your professional stylist will do all the legwork to pull clothes from multiple stores and bring them to your home. Try items on in the comfort of your own closet and allow your stylist to help you make the best decisions and integrate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe.
Must be preceded by a consultation and fit session.

Budget Fashionista Package // $450, 2 sessions
For: The woman who wants to look like a million bucks, without spending it.
Details: Allow us to prove that looking good doesn't have to cost a fortune. Package includes an in-home Closet Audit and full inventory of client's existing wardrobe, followed by a 3-hour Style Session targeted to sales, discount retailers, and bargain finds. Learn how to accessorize, build outfits and think like a professional shopper.
Recommended clothing budget: $800-$1,500

Ultimate Makeover Package // $600, 3 sessions
For: The woman who craves a new look and wants to build her new wardrobe the smart way.
Details: Our most comprehensive (and cost-effective!) wardrobe styling package includes an in-home Closet Audit and full inventory of your existing wardrobe, followed by a 3-hour Signature Style Session to build a complete and versatile new wardrobe including accessories. Your Style Session is followed by a 2-hour Closet Styling Session to purge unwanted items and create a digital photo gallery of all your new outfit options.
Recommended clothing budget: $1,500-$3,000

Reduce, Reuse, ReStyle // $250
For: Anyone who wants to create a new style from their "old" clothes.
Details: Package includes a 2-hour Closet Audit and purge session to get rid of the outdated, unflattering items that are taking up space and holding you back. Let a professional stylist reorganize your "keepers" and help you maximize the style potential in your wardrobe. Discover great outfits you didn't even know you owned!

Special Occasion Styling // price varies
Styling and shopping services for special events.

Gift Certificates Available
We would be honored to help you give the lasting gift of style to someone special in your life. Please call 581.997.4305 or fill out a contact form to receive a response from your stylist who can answer all your questions and get you personalized gift certificate