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Natalie Ann Cutler

wedding planner

Natalie Ann Cutler

Birmingham/ England
(0044) 079541 43195

"Providing perfect planning, for your perfect occassion."

My name is Natalie Ann Cutler- International Wedding Planning Proffesional. I specialise in designing weddings to personnaly suit each of my clients needs therefore- I HAVE NO BOUNDARIES! It is my duty to ensure that your fanatsy perfect occasion recieves my "Perfect Planning" expertise in order to bring your fantasy to life- no matter what your budget. Because of this, no two weddings i plan are the same. As a cretaive individual i strive to make every wedding original and unique, using new and inventive designs each time i take on a client.

At the age of only 19 i am already a greatly experienced planner, having planned my first event at the tender age of 7! I completed the Proffesional Wedding Planning Diploma which has a maximum study of 3years in 2 months! I am very driven and like to get jobs done effciently with plenty of creativity. When i was 16 i organised my schools first ever high school prom, whilst juggling G.C.S.E`S, dance school and exams. Our school now supports the tradition of prom. Naturally i am well equiped for the skill of multitasking. I am very passionate about planning and always give 110% to each job i face. In 2008 i graduated from Birmingham Theatre School with Distinctions in Performing Arts. I am a high acheiver in all areas of my work.



The first package that i offer is a consultation meeting. For a fee i sit down with my clients and discuss what kind of wedding they have in mind, as this gives me a clearer insight into what my clients would like me to create for them. This consultation also helps my clients to get to know me better and decide whether or not they would like to hire me for their wedding. Not every couple knows exactly how they want their wedding to be, which is another way this consulation is very valuable. As a planning professional i can guide my clients on themes, discuss their intrests and help them discover the style of wedding really want. During the consultation i will also discuss the different types of packages i offer to my clients, as my costs do vary to enable my services to fit any buget- big or small! My consultation fees are based on an hourly rate of £60 and a discounted consultation of £40 per hour if the client chooses my- Complete Planning Services before hand.

Consultation Planning Package

The second package that i offer is a one of a kind, one off consultation that few wedding planning professionals offer. When deciding to get married, many couples rule out the idea of hiring a wedding planner as they deem it unnesacary expenditure on something that they can plan themselves. I understand that for many couples they want to plan their big day on their own because it means soo much to them. However, whilst using the internet to find your vendors is a quick and easy route, you cannot always be gaurenteed each company is legitamet and not over priced. As professional i am aware of the best, reliable, working vendors to put you in contact with. Also as a professional i am entilted to company discounts- another thing you wouldnt find by yourself on the internet. During the consultation i will talk you through the planning package step by step, show you how to use your evaluation sheets, tracking sheets, iteneries and find professional vendors- all this you get to keep and use to plan your own wedding. By using my Planning Package it will save you time and money. You will be able to plan your own wedding whilst still knowing you are doing it the right way- with professional guidance.

Planning and Preparation Package

My third package consists of planning my clients wedding and preparing all of the details up until the day before the wedding. I will provide my clients with all of the vendors and locations that they need for their wedding, and plan the wedding schedule throughout out the months of organisation. Then on the day, the wedding day itenery will be given to an honour guest of the wedding who will take charge of the running order for the day. This job is preferably given to either the Maid of Honour or the Best Man.

Day of Co-ordination services

For an hourly fee a client can hire me to be in charge of thier event, only on the day the event takes place. When many people organise their own event, they usually dont have enough time to spend with each of the guest as they would have liked. I am hired to take over on the day and ensure the smooth running so that you the client has more time to enjoy what you organised. I will be in charge of everything from, vendor tracking, time keeping, customer service and satisfaction and problem solving.

Complete Perfect Planning Services

My final package is the "Complete Works." I sit down with my client and discuss what they would like for their wedding. I then use all of this information to plan the enitre event, finding vendors, venues, helping them with guests list, catering and most importantly- being there for the wedding to ensure the entire day runs smoothly from beginning to end. Many couples like this option, as they can still involve all of thier ideas and inputs but without any of the stress of organising it. I am there to relieve the client of all worry.

Each of my previous three planning packages are charged by an hourly rate - therefore each client is always aware of how much they are paying which helps me create budgets to fit each of my clients individual needs.
I only charge a fee of 20% if a wedding is budgeted at £20.000 or more. In this payment scheme i do not charge an hourly rate to my clients. My pay only comes two weeks before the wedding when i charge 20% of the total wedding cost.


I hired Natalie to organise my pre-party for prom, as i new she had a lot of experience and creativity when it came to organising high school proms. I thought she did a fantastic job designing the marque and she worked very hard all day to make it look perfect. Me and my friends had a fantastic day thanks to Perfect Planning.

Abigail Joy- Heath Field High School