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Aimee Dunn

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Aimee Dunn

The Eye of Design

My name is Aimee Dunn and I am the Founder of Fedé Décor . I am a Hospitality Professional with a passion for service excellence. When I established my company in 2016 I had two objectives; to enforce a remarkable sense of camaraderie between myself and my clients and secondly to create unforgettably awe-inspiring events and memoirs for individuals just like you.

About Me

I am a self-taught avid graphic designer with a love for décor, culture and travel. I gained my experience in luxury Retail and marketing during my tenure with an exclusively private resort in the Caribbean islands. I would like to say that my eye for design comes naturally having been raised by an artistic family.

At Fedé Décor we create a reflection of your dreams through personalized service with our unique planning and design flair. We are renowned for our DIY techniques. Who said eloquence shic had to come with a price?

At Fede Décor we offer full service planning and creative design, located in the south of infamous Italy.


We offer;

• Event Décor
• Event and Wedding Planning

With the following services;

• Client Consultation
• Full service
• Month of Service
• Customized service

Our Special Services Include;

Linen and Furniture Rentals

From whimsical sheer to gingham, we provide a variety of fabrics, backdrops and Miscellaneous Linen along with our Chameleon and Chiavari Chairs.

Wedding and Event Retail Décor

Our line of gorgeously printed satin and silk wedding apparel and accessories are available for on-line and in-store purchasing.

Virtual Graphic Designs

We design virtual pre-planned themes and décor for Weddings and Events. Each aspect of the Event is assessed and designed to the Tee for persons who need inspiration or for those who are planning a last minute event. These designs can be executed as they are or can be altered for clients’ preferences.

Unashamedly Romantic and Wickedly Glamorous, We are the eye of design.

I remain at your disposition for any further information you might require. Thank you.