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Hayley Cavin

makeup artist

Hayley Cavin

Statesville, NC

My name is Hayley Cavin. I am 21 years old and looking to further my career in makeup. I've been a makeup lover for years now and really want to pursue my passion.

In my career, I would love to show the world about my passion with makeup. How you can show off your natural beauty with little bit of makeup. But also how to go all glam for a date, prom, ball, photo shoot, etc. Showing girls how to use your features to get a good clean look. In my future business, I hope to give ladies encouragement with their own skin just adding makeup to their features. Confident is key within your own skin.

Education: High School Diploma.
College: In QC Makeup Academy

Experience: I've being doing makeup for years on myself and family and friends. Hoping to complete my schooling and be a Professional Makeup Artist after I'm done.
Right now, I'm doing free makeup on clients and wedding parties till I complete my schooling.


I offer in house client meetings/out house meetings. (Meaning my business or the clients house) I want my clients being comfortable in a good environment.
I WILL travel anywhere.
I will do a small/big bridal party.
I also offer hairstyling.
I would offer a free 1 only meeting for a brand new client.
I would give clients free samples of makeup products that i use on their skin.