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Devin Brown

event planner, wedding planner

Devin Brown

Mystic, CT

"I'll work with you"

Hello, my name is Devin Brown and I never knew that one day I would become an event and wedding planner. It all happened when I had planned my 18th Birthday party, I had two people that would help me put this event together and I wanted to make sure that every detail was well squared away and finished. In order to make my party a huge success, my friends and I would hold a meeting every Monday and go over what needed to be done and what was already taken care of. In the end it turned out great and with all the feedback that I had received from the guest, it made me want to look into becoming a professional planner.

As an event planner, I am able to cater to most of the needs that you may require. Not everyone needs an event planner but in many cases, the services of one are well needed. Everyone makes mistakes and someone that has not gone through the stages of planning a major event may not be prepared to correct any flaws within a timely manner. Event planners are able to see a lot of the things that the client may miss or oversee.


My services extend from any kind of party to all types of sit down dinners. Weddings are by far the most astonishing event that anyone could ever have in there life, so in some cases, it is crucial that the client have an event planner to make sure that all areas of the event are ironed out and that huge details and small details that people may miss are taken care of.

Client Consultation

During the consultation, I will explain different aspects of the event that you’re wishing to hold. I will be able to give you a close timeframe of when certain things will be completed and keep you updated on when things are done. Also, we must go over what date you are looking to hold the event and what your budget is at the time.

Day of Services

This service is great to have, being that mistakes do occur during any event and in order to fix or prevent most of the mistakes from happening, with myself on hand at the time of the event, any mishaps can and will be prevented.