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Amira Elgendy

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Amira Elgendy
Mississauga, ON

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Hi, Iam Amira Elgendy personal stylist. I Am a certified in personal styling from QC career school in Canada. And I also have a bachelor degree in Hotel and tourism management. I got ask all the time, How I get in the fashion industry? From really young aged I kind became obsessed with clothes and what I was wearing, Fashion magazines and all these things. Fashion and clothes was my hoppy. In my college days I took modeling course, because I knew deep down I had the passion about clothing and fashion that I wanted to be apart of this world. Finally I felt so much of myself when I start taking the personal styling course. I found myself having the energy and eye for detail and genuine interest in people that I can help them to choose the right outfit that will look and feel their absolute best in them.

I take my education and my experience in working in different kind of fashion department store in Canada, working with everyday women on their style, that I realized this is what I supposed to do, to work with women and share my experience and help them to look and feel good about them self throw their Image. I Am able to assist women with ease, and understanding of their needs. As a busy mom this is not easy being self-employed and running my own business. But I love what I do and I love helping women find their style and feel confident about it. I believe clothing should be comfortable, stylish and confident boosting. Every women has a great style, sometime she just needs a little help finding the right piece and fit. Clothing is an extension of our personality and it should reflect exactly what we intend to communicate to the world. Feeling good about our exterior has a huge impact on the inside. it's important that our personality match our wardrobe , I can show you How to express your personality throw what you wear. LADIES! Clothing is a form of self-expression. And some time works as a mood changer.


My list: Amira Elgendy (personal styling)
My services & programs:
*Discovering your style. Is offering two services to help you to be the best version of yourself.
1-your personal style session. We will discuss your body shape, lifestyle, your personality, your budget and wardrobe needs, also we will talk about why personal style is important and how it can increase your confident.
-We will do (Body Calculators) to identify your body shape.
-Discover your genuine style and how to flatter your unique figure and how to achieve and maintain your desire image.
-Colour Analysis to figure out your Ideal palette. And I will show you what colour works and what don’t work for your complexion and your body type.
-Learn what to wear to suit your body type and how to wear it to help you feel confident and happy with your personal style.
-Discover what you like and what you dislike so I can recommend pieces and design looks that suit your taste and your body type along with your lifestyle.
This service will cast: $100 (up to 2 hours) plus HST
2-your wardrobe style session. In this session we will let your closet work for you not work against you.
-Combine your personal look in your wardrobe by editing UNflattering items and adding interesting pieces.
-Learn to wear old things in new ways and create different outfits.
-Learn how to mix and match different patterns and fabrics, and learn how to master layering.
-Learn how to build the foundation of wardrobe with essentials pieces. Plus the ultimate wardrobe checklist gives away.
-Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe.
-.Accessories & undergarment discussion because I believe that little things make the most different to your style and confident so I will show you how the accessories can help you put your own stamp on any outfit and why the right underwear is important.
-Create photo book by photograph five complete outfits for different occasion.
This service will cost:$180 (up to 3 hours)plus HST

*Shop with me.
So before going shopping with me we have to know each other and I must discover you and help you discovers your style this is why the personal style session is recommended.
3- Personal shopper services:
-We will hit the streets or mall for fun shopping experience to fit any budget
-Empower you with the knowledge and recommendations while still keeping within your comfort zone and budget.
-To eliminate all hassle and make it a streamlined experience I will spend time pulling wardrobe pieces at the stores most suited for your style and budget, so your shopping trip begins with ready dressing room full of picked items that match your body shape and personality for you to try on.
-Learn some tips and tricks in how to mix and match pieces and how to layer and use your new items with your wardrobe.
-Discover new stores, new brands on a budget that’s realistic and practical.
This service will cost $210 plus HST
Addition services:
*Head covering style session
The head cover should add confident to your style without overwhelming you.
-Learn how to match your head peace with your outfit in easy and practical way.
-Head covering tutorial.
-Introduce you to different kind of head cover, and help you to choose the style that match you best.
-Learn how to choose the suitable head cover style for your face shape.
-Tips and tricks on head cover style to make it look simple and effortless.
This additional service will cost $80 (up to 2 hours) plus HST

* Four seasons Express style :
For updating your style in between seasons $ 120 (up to 2 hours) plus HST quick review on what you already have and identify the gaps and the needs of the new season trend. This service must be taken with previous personal style session if you are first time client.
*Express shopping. I shop for you will cost $80 per hour. plus HST.