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Diamond Journey Weddings and Events

Nora Bilan

event planner, wedding planner

Nora Bilan

Edmonton, AB
780 341 1899

Life's A Journey Full Of Diamond Events

In life, from the time we are born, till the time we leave this world into a new dimension we experience a lot of different stages as we venture and explore what God has promised and designed for us. From birth to our first words, to our 18th, 60th, or 100th birthdays to our last dance, we wanted to keep them memorable. From our vows till we have own offspring, until the time they have their own, we journey through life.
Diamond Journey Weddings and Events is here to help each individual to capture those different journeys through well executed planning, decorating, innovating and setting up the vision of a once in a lifetime experience from dreams to reality.

Diamond Journey Weddings and Events is a new business founded in 2015, and operated by a 39- year old Filipino- born Canadian lady, Nora Bilan, who came to Canada as a Live-in Caregiver and wish to change her career in the Wedding and Events Planning Industry. A once before a girl who loved beauty, expanded her vision and innovative imaginations and creativity and how to cater and structure them into one perfect place. A god-fearing woman, despite the different circumstances and experiences in life, never stops hoping and walking through rough roads and steep mountains, following the right paths of her journey in chasing and following her dreams through hard works. A woman of determination whose mission is to bring all cultures, religions and ethnicity the experience, the enchantment, the glamour and elegance of the events of their dreams with a high quality customer service and upscale level of experience in a hospitality industry and achieving a good result of client’s satisfaction through working with different vendors and professionals, i.e. DJs, photographers, stylist, florists and the like. Diamond Journey is named after her little girl who became her inspiration in putting up a business for her family, and wish to expand in the near future.


• Caters 2 hours Wedding and Special Events Consultations
• Wedding Proposals and Venue Planning
• Wedding Planning and Decorations
• Special Occasions and Milestone Events

Additional Services include but not limited to Event Rentals like:
• Table cloths and chair covers, runners, backdrops and drapes
• Customized decoration solutions, centrepieces, votive candles and flower
• Customized bride’s veil, flower girl’s baskets, ring bearer pillows and coin holders
• Bouquets and Boutonnieres