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Tasi Alvarado

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Tasi Alvarado

Rialto, CA

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan.

My name is Tasi Alvarado, the owner of Events by Tasi. I am currently a student at QC Career School and enrolled in the Event Planning Course. My goal is to be an event planner for those who want to celebrate a milestone but have no idea where to start or how to execute the details. I will manage those details, I want to take away the worry and stress of it all. For on that special day, my goal for you and your family and friends is to be present in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

I’ve always enjoyed many creative outlets such as painting, decorating, arts and crafts, and creating a memorable party celebration for my own family. I get the most joy from setting up the event more than hosting it. I simply get a kick out of seeing everyone’s reactions to a beautiful or fun set up and enjoying the time in that space. Over the years, I’ve hosted many birthday parties, well, with 5 kids and a husband, there is bound to be many celebrations!

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. I’ve worked in retail clothing and learned about visual merchandising, physical work and importance of customer service. I’ve managed a retail shoe store and experienced leading a team. I’ve worked in various office environments; communicating with vendors, purchasing details, understanding payroll sales and marketing.

I am very active in my church, I am the wedding coordinator at my church, assistant leader to Children’s Ministries and part of the Women’s Ministries and Social Committees. I am also a teaching counselor for our youth Adventure Club and teaching assistant for our weekly Early Teen Class.

In any spare time, I do have; I enjoy the beach, the outdoors, exploring new places and trying new places to eat. I try my best to work out daily, focus on my health as well as make time for family which includes game night and movies.

Just about two years ago, I made a lateral job transition to a different company, however, performing many of the similar tasks I had done for the previous 5-1/2 years. It was nothing new and my situation was pretty decent. I was able to work from home 2 days a week. My schedule was flexible and I had a small office I can go into and work directly with my sales rep. However, I was not happy…my desire to have my own business and career was fueling inside and I knew I had to do something different, I had to do something I wanted to do. I was tired of corporate companies and always working for someone else’s client’s. I wanted my own client’s and simply do what made me happy. Fast forward to today and I decided that I have to be the source to my happiness, so I decided to complete my education as an Event Planner.


My dreams are yours, as together we can create the most memorable event for you. From a rustic yet elegant wedding to a pretty in pink princess birthday party, we can help you design and plan your next milestone event. If you are a person that thinks they don’t have an eye for design or color. Maybe you have no time or the patience to put together an event, we will take the opportunity to cover all the details and assist you in the event you desire. If you are a person who knows what they want and has some of those details figured out, we will help you execute them and fill in wherever you need us. Think of us as your personal assistant. We want to be sure your event is beautiful, awesome, runs smoothly and all the details are attended to. We will be sure to handle any set-backs or problems promptly and under the radar.

Our services provide a free one hour consultation. We have 4 packages to fit your needs; Full Service Package, Month of Package, Day of Package and the Design and Décor Service Package. Each is priced accordingly to size/attendance and travel expectations.

*Please review our Service Packages Overview for specific services included in all the packages and pricing.

Feel free to contact me for your first FREE consultation!