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Sujuane Smith

personal stylist

Sujuane Smith

Pearland, TX

"Chic and Unique"

Hi There! I'm Sujuane (pronounced SOO-WON) and I am a Professional Makeup Artist & Hairstylist turned Fashion Stylist.

Fashion has, for as long as I can remember, always been a part of my life. I come from a family of tailors and seamstresses, so I guess you can say it's in my blood. My maiden name is Taylor (tailor) as in a person who makes or alters garment, and my married name is Smith as in someone who works with metals. Both names lend themselves to creativity which is who I am to my core and I love applying it to fashion. I pride myself on being different and consistently being a trendsetter. I'm so excited to final bring all of my passions full circle and offer my clients the very best that I have to give.


All Rates are $85/hr with a 2 hour Minimum

Closet Audit
The closet is where it all starts, so that’s where we’ll start too! We’ll go through your closet and remove pieces that don’t fit properly or are dated, and we will focus on keeping pieces that are flattering, trendy, and make you feel your absolute best. We take the discarded clothing, donate them to Goodwill and provide you with a Tax Receipt for your Charitable donation.

Outfit Planning
We recommend this service after a Closet Audit. We will work together to create outfit combinations for various occasions including work, going out, or just the process of pairing pieces according to your personal comfort level and taste. After this service you will be able to compose fashions that illustrate your personal style with confidence.

Men’s Styling
We know tons of men that feel Fashion Styling is strictly for women, but it’s not. Every now and then guys might need a little help with their wardrobe. If you’ve lost or gained some weight, been pumping iron and have larger muscles than you’re used to, then our Men’s Styling Services are for you. Together we will create clothing combinations that suit your personal taste and compliment your physique.

Event Styling
Have a special event to go to and have no idea what to wear? No worries, we’ve got your back! Whether it’s a wedding, the opera, a concert, or a first date you’re attending….we’ve got you covered. We will include everything from figuring out our color palette to looking at the weather, and even deciding on what lipstick/eyeshadow combo you should wear. So rest assured that you’ll be the Belle of the Ball, if that’s the event you’re attending 😉.

Maternity Styling
Ahhhh pregnancy, such a beautiful journey to motherhood. One of the main gripes we hear from moms-to-be is they have no idea how to style their new temporary bodies. We will show our Mommies how to take basic items, such as t-shirts, and style them to not only flatter their baby bumps, but also the rest of their bodies.

Personal Shopping
Sometimes shopping can be a bit overwhelming when you’re not sure what you’re looking for or how you should be dressing. That’s where we come in. We have two options: 1) we will meet you at a Mall or some of your (or our) favorite stores/boutiques and assist you with what to purchase, and 2) we will pull pieces based on your Styling Profile and proceed with the ones you like. The first option is ideal for our clients that prefer to be more involved with the shopping process and the second is perfect for our clients that have hectic lives and schedules or who just flat out don’t like shopping. With either option we will find fashions that meet your every need.

Season Swap
When the seasons change, so does your Wardrobe. This service is similar to a Closet Audit but with a twist. We take the more weather appropriate items and place them at the forefront of your closet so they’re easier to get to, while placing the other items either toward the back of the closet, in another closet if available, or neatly folded and stored under the bed in appropriate storage bagging (if space is limited) until the next season.