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Criselda White

Criselda White

Austin, TX

Do you want to wow your guests on your event but you are not sure how? I can help. Contact me at asianht123@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is Criselda White happily married with one beautiful son who celebrated his 6th birthday last December 4th. As a Filipino, I go to parties a lot, it is almost every weekend we attend some events. Usually just small event. Most of my friends always ask my help to decorate their parties or organize a Christmas party or special group parties for the holidays. I have helped few friends to organize and decorate their parties, so far, the reports are great. The experience triggered me to learn more about events décor this I can help others professionally and generate income. Now, here I am one of the students in QCcareerschool hoping to learn and get more knowledge in this field, so I can turn this knowledge into a lucrative career. But I know that I am going to need all the help I can get.

First of all. Let me tell you something why I finally enroll myself to event décor program. Every week, six of us ladies friends, meet to have our launch date and out of the blue, we talked about event decoration until we came up with the idea of having our event décor business. To make the story short, we named our business BarkdasEvent. Barkdas because owned by all friends. Which barkadas stands for friends. We are all naïve and new to the industry. But that did not stop me. Instead, I created a website online, posted few pictures of previous events I decorated and asked my friends if they can recommend our new business. Though we don’t have certification and much experience with the décor business, we had a client that trusted our talents.
On December 12th, we had our first customer. We were hired to decorate for Winter Wonderland theme of an 18th birthday celebration. To tell you the truth, I had no idea what to do. And I cannot ask my friends because they all depend on me. So, I went to the house of the client, asked them about their expectation for the events and looked everything that they have ready for décor materials. Because as new to the business, we have no equipment, nor materials, and we also have no money to buy any. What we got are just guts to decorate.
In short, we got the deal, and we charged our first client $150 per hour for our labor with 4 of us doing the décor. We only had 2 hours to get the place ready for the celebrant. So I divided the tasks into four parts and for those who completed their assigned tasks, they will help to those who has not completed the tasks. We ordered to decorate 120 chairs, cover four banquet tables, 14 round tables, presidential table, backdrop and photo booth together with centerpieces each table. It was a stressful day for the group but finished the tasked on time with a bright smile on our face because we did it.
On the other hand, back on 1998, I completed my education degree at Pilgrim Christian College in the Philippines. Right after I graduate my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, I had an opportunity to open my preschool class teaching 3 to 5 years old children. The school was doing great and had 22 children. But on 1999, I came to the US with my husband, so I left the school to my friend who is also a teacher. As a former teacher, I was trained to create my own teaching devices and design my classroom according to the grade level of the children in my class.
On 2005, I took few college credit at Fort Hays State and Kansas State University. Some of the courses that I took were, Psychology, Principle of Marketing, Business Communication, and the rest will be on my College transcript upon request. On 2007, I got pregnant with my son, and it was a challenge for me to go to school and take care of my pregnancy. So, I sacrificed my studies and focused my attention on my new family.On 2010, we moved here in Austin TX, and this allowed me to meet new friends.I often asked to decorate my friends’parties, and I always love to decorate so, I helped few of my friends
After having that first client we had, I am excited to have my own business as an event decorator. But with my experience, I realized that I need to learn a lot in this field to be a successful one. I need to have more knowledge to the following areas:
• Color combination
• Types of centerpieces for the table
• Types of tables to use for the events
• Flower arrangements and types of flowers to use for the theme
• Branding the business and how to market it
• Developing a good relationship with my clients and more.
There are so many things that I need to learn, and I hope I will learn this from QC Carrer school. I hope QC career education will help me to learn all the knowledge, confidence and expertise to prepare myself in the field. To do this, I have to digest all the details of the program so I can perform my duty as an excellent event decorator with customer satisfaction to develop exquisite customer relationship and gain customer loyalty.
As an event decorator and business owner, I have to be:
• Business oriented
• Be creative and trends oriented
• Client-centered and execute business rules and regulation at the same time to protect both parties.
• Display respect client’s culture and expectation for the events
• Great with number and time management
• People person
• And most of all, to have all the knowledge I need so I can fully serve my clients achieve their memorable events.
I am thrilled to work with the following:
• Small Wedding arrangement
• Baby Shower
• Bridal Shower
• Graduation
• Birthday Parties
• Corporate Banquet
Dream Career:
• -My dream career is to be the one who can ease people’s stress when they host a party because they are confident that I am going to be there to make their event a memorable one.
• I want to be that person who utilizes an excellent combination of colors, styles and designs to preserve the essence fashion in the event arena whether it is modern or traditional.
• To be a boss of my own
• Price my work
• Work whenever I want
• Express my passion in décor and design and be able to share with others.
• Make people happy and create beautiful memories