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Ashley Patterson

event planner , wedding planner

Ashley Patterson

Red Deer, AB

Taking your "SPECIAL" day and making it an "EXTRAORDINARY" day!

For as long as I can remember I was the one behind the curtains making sure that the show was going according to plan, this has always been my passion. My business is the detail business, yes the sign says "event planning", but what it should say is "detail planning". When a person walks into my office they feel as though a weight has been lifted almost instantly, like they can breath. I can help as little or as much as needed, from the tiny root of the idea to the grand tree it will become.

I'm glad you have chosen to look at my profile. As I am still enrolled in the QC Wedding Planning Course I have only two weddings in my portfolio, but have an extensive amount of birthday parties, barbeques, baby showers, you name it I've done it, experience under my belt.

What initially drew me to wedding planning was when my mother decided to marry a sacond time and asked me to plan the wedding for her. Seeing as I was one of the bridesmaids as well as an accomplished event planner I could not turn down the opportunity. I realized then that wedding planning was my niche and here I am.


Being an event planner as well as a wedding planner the list of services offered is quite extensive.

Some of the wedding services I can provide are:
- Consultation Only
- Engagement Parties
- Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party
- Rehearsal Dinners
- Full Wedding Package (Consult, Planning,Day of Execution)
- Bridal Showers

Some other services are:
- Birthday Parties
- Anniversaries
- Going Away/ Welcome Home
- Baby Shower
- Congratulations on Your....
- Graduations