Fashion Contour

Melissa Lopez-Perez

personal stylist

Melissa Lopez-Perez
Newcastle to Forster, NSW

Celebrating Your Uniqueness

I believe that everyone can look and feel amazing in what they wear. People of all shapes and sizes can have the confidence in looking great with the proper clothes for their body type. All of our bodies are unique and we all need to celebrate ourselves with the clothes that is right for us. I can help you find the right style clothes to show off your best features so that you can exhibit confidence in your appearance.

My education was connected to counselling people and I saw how unhappy people were in their own skin. Even though I saw beauty with these people it didn’t matter as they did not feel beautiful. Sometimes you just do not know how to feel beautiful. So now I am studying with QC style academy to be a fashion styler so I can help people in a more constructive way. With the right style of clothes, right fit and right colours that are tailored to you, you can have confidence like you have never had before. I can help style you and your whole family. I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister so I know what it is like to have to shop for the whole family. Children are becoming more complicated in dressing as they are more in tune to today’s fashions than what children were in previous generations. I can help bridge that gap to keep everyone happy.


- Wardrobe styling – this can be for any age and gender, child through to adult. This can be done with clothes you already have and I can go through them and show you what works and what does not as well as piece outfits together.
(min 2 hours)
$130 per hour
- Body analysis package – all I need is a couple of photos and I can create a portfolio that includes a body shape analysis, colour analysis, clothes examples for casual styles, formal, corporate, and any other specified occasions. Accessory examples for each look and it will be packaged in a folder so you can take it anytime you go shopping to make sure you will look your best.
(discounts apply for more than one person)
- Personal shop – this is where we go shopping to find the perfect outfit or clothes to fill in what your wardrobe is lacking.
(min 2 hours)
$140/hour for first two hours and then $100/hour thereafter.
- Personal style and assessment – This is done by meeting and working out body shape, style and colour analysis as well as measurements. This is a basic assessment.
(min 1 hour)
$130 per hour
- Online shopping at your convenience – if you are really in need of some ideas and clothes but you are busy or not sure where to go. I can source some clothes that is right for you online. I can piece pictures, links, prices and locations into an online report to be emailed to you where you have the option in what your next step is.
(min 2 hours)
$130 per hour

- Prices are discounted if more time is needed after minimum hours are reached.
- Friend referral receives a 5% discount for next session.
- If time goes into the next hour an hour extra will be charged.
- If more than one service is required a discount will apply.
- If more than one family member is included in a session on the same day and time, discounts will be applied.
- 50% non refundable deposit is required
- 48 hour cancellation time is required

Covering areas Newcastle and Forster and in-between. If you are outside these areas an additional charge may apply.