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Makeup By Madeleine

Madeleine Martinez

makeup artist

"Enhancing Your Best Features"

Makeup has always been a passion of mine, so whether you're looking for that perfect touch for a special evening out, a photo shoot perhaps or maybe wanting to look your best at any given occasion, then stop on by and leave your worries aside. I'll have your best features stand out and you looking your absolute best.

As a teenager I was introduced to the wonderful world of makeup, since then, I became more and more excited about makeup. Everyday I become increasingly passionate about my art. When you have the creativity and passion about something... something magical occurs. I love how makeup would transform both my facial beauty as well as give me a boost of my self confidence. After having acquired this newly spectacular talent for makeup, I began aiding my friends on feeling more beautiful. This in returned gave me an insight of my future and what I would want it to be like, to become the best makeup artist in my residing area. The pursuit of my career began from this, my passion for makeup.


Here's what you're looking for!
Whether it be that special occasion or just a night out wanting to look your absolute best then here I provide impeccable makeup services. Flawless and enhanced beauty to give you that confidence you are sure to find with me! If you're seeking the latest makeup trends or going for that natural elegant look that will be sure to keep lookers at awe, look no further than my brushes which with my talent, will be nothing short than spectacular.


Simply Amazing!