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Makeup Artistry by Ashli Nicole

Ashli Thomas

makeup artist

My name is Ashli and I’ve recently decided to take a hobby of mine to the next level. I am currently a student at Ryerson University studying Business Management with Law and living in Downtown Toronto. I am also originally from Barbados and travel home as frequently as school permits, which is where my love more makeup began and developed.

Growing up I took part in many dance performances and school plays, which my mom would always have to do my makeup for. She was one of those moms who would donate her time and do anyone else’s makeup before the show as well (her line was always the longest of all the moms). Eventually as I grew up, she had taught me how to do it myself and the passion developed from there. Somewhere along the way I became the go-to friend for makeup help and these “clients” are the ones that have pushed me to take my hobby a step further.

Now starting my career in makeup, I have decided to gain certification through QC Makeup Academy. Within the first unit of the course, my family and friends noticed a huge change in my skill level, which has only driven my excitement!


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