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Stacy-Ann Van Iersel-Taylor

makeup artist

Stacy-Ann Van Iersel-Taylor


I love to enhance women beauty. Both with makeup and Styling

I'm a 35 year old wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. I am a self taught makeup artist with 4 years of MAC Cosmetics experience, and lesson certification by MAC. My personal approach towards being a makeup artist is to create a house hold name. get certified, open my own establishment and be able to certify clients.

My passion for makeup started back in the year of 2011, when Estee Lauder decided to up their doors on my friendly island.
I applied for the position as a makeup artist, and after several interviews I was accepted. I've worked with the brand for 3 amazing years. My first year, I've worked as a Product Specialist (for 1 year) and a makeup artist. Working as a Product Specialist gives me a lot of opportunities to do my research on the products, it's ingredients and different ways on how to use them on ourselves and the customers, along with preparing theme days and sending reports at the end of every month.
After awhile it felt like a needed more challenges, so I decided to ventured on my own. Ever since, I've been doing makeup none stop. Especially for a lot of returning customers.


Bridal makeup,
Photo shoots,
Carnival parades,
Beauty makeup,
Makeup classes ( private & group sessions)
Makeup shopping. (charge by the hr)