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Luz Agudelo

interior decorator

Luz Agudelo
Randolph, NJ

Designer of comfort and elegance

I'm a motivated entrepreneur, floral designer, event planner and real estate agent. I have 30 years of experience running small businesses in my home town of Randolph, New Jersey. My inspiration to study interior decorating comes from my hobby/job's requirement for creative design: Flower arrangement design. For 15 years I have put my creative and artistic abilities to use through my small business by creating flower arrangements. Creating arrangements has inspired me to design and innovate. The passion I've had for decoration has been present for as long as I can remember, and to this day, is the one thing that I enjoy the most.
16 years ago I started planning the design of my dream: A floral and home décor boutique. A year later, Majestic Flowers and gifts was born, making my dream come true. Because of the beautiful and unique home décor and accent pieces in the boutique, many times I have been asked by customers to redesign rooms in their homes or simply advise them about what goes best with their specific style.


Majestic Home Designs can help you achieve the style you are looking for, from giving a room a fresh look with some new accessories, fresh paint, rearranged furniture, to a totally new look from floor to ceiling in any room in your home.
We also offer commercial decorating and home staging