Andrea Vasquez

Andrea Vasquez

makeup artist

Andrea Vasquez
Racine, WI

There is more than one way to be you!

Hello beautiful people! I'm Andrea Vasquez, and I am an absolutely normal human like all of you. I have some flaws that I would like to conceal and attributes I would love to highlight. That's where makeup comes in! It is such a fun way to experiment with you look and to add a little confidence in your day to day life. Of course no one NEEDS makeup, but it's fun! So if you're interested lets have fun together!

I grew up in a town called Kenosha which is on the very corner at the very end of Wisconsin. My infatuation with makeup started when I was just a little girl and I got a hold my mom's blush. Makeup was always something I looked forward to doing everyday. I could experiment with different looks and practice on my friends. It was something that I feel I could be myself doing, and I'm pretty good at it! So when I was in high school I was a straight A student. I did everything right, and everyone thought I was on the fast track to being a lawyer or teacher. The stressful part was I couldn't see myself doing any of that, and I began to start of blank on the whole "future" thing. I started college applications, and never finished them. So I deferred a year, which was detrimental to my family. I moved out, and spent the year soul searching. I began to watch youtube, and that's when I knew. MAKEUP COULD BE MY CAREER. So I went for it. Enrolled in QC Makeup Academy, and I'm making it work! It's been a dream come true, and I want to share it with everyone.


The services I provide include:
Makeup for special occasions.
Halloween Makeup.
Home consultations and advice.
Bridal Makeup.
Theatre Makeup.
Home parties for younger girls.
Makeup for Photography.