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Royal Betsa Events

Freda Agboga

event decorator, event planner, wedding planner

Freda Agboga


Paragon of Excellence

ROYAL BETSA was created by Freda Agboga - Feika with firm commitment to serve her clients with the fear of God.
Freda took her passion for event planning and designing to a higher level when she relocated to Boston, USA.
Royal Betsa with God's direction was birthed to take stress from her clients who want to have a magnificent event but do not want to deal with the stress of event planning, designing and management.
Freda’s events are known for their extraordinary creativity and magnificent décor.
Freda’s fear for God and admirable personality gives her clients the assurance that their events will be extraordinary and breathtaking

At Royal Betsa we plan, manage and execute your event from start to after event. On a first meeting Royal Betsa Team will appoint you a consultant to work with. We provide expect ways of actualizing your event for a fee, if we are employed to create , organize and manage your event the fee is refundable.
We find out what your dream event is and how you envisage your event.
We find out how many guest you look toward entertaining and what your colors of preference are.
Royal Betsa then creates a budget with you, which is determined by your number of guest, venue of choice and desired theme.
Royal Betsa works with you on a timeline, sourcing for adequate vendors from our end or your choice of vendors as long as they work along with our budget. Royal Betsa meets with vendors on a regular basis.
Royal Betsa then creates a detailed floor plan of your event.
Our team of event managers is always available to assist in co coordinating from start to after your event, this ensures that your event runs smoothly so you and your guests can enjoy every moment of the event. This is what taking the stress off our clients is our business.


At Royal Betsa, we are committed to making your next event no matter the event a blast.
We believe that if you can dream it we can make it a reality.

At Royal Betsa, we take all events personally and believe that your events tell a lot about who you are and that memories are for ever.

We create Memorable and Unforgettable Experiences and not just Events.
We cover it all from the on set planning to design, décor, lighting, ushers and after event.