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Sheila Walker

Florence, NS

For all things wedding;
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Hi my name is Sheila Walker. Let me help you accomplish your dreams for your wedding. I know how it is to try and complete tasks on your own but with help from me as your wedding planner, we can together make your dreams come true. I have the connections and the means to help make your day complete. Let us sit down and brain storm your ideas onto paper and let me help you make them come alive on your wedding day. My approach to wedding planning is to always have your ideas come to life and if not possible to have a different approach to the same idea!

My experience is small but mighty! I have help and giving my services to family and friends to help their dreams come true and to stay on budget! My education is from the QC School Of Event and Wedding planning. My experience comes from my volunteering my services for wedding and special events. There is no right or wrong way to accomplish your special day, but the experience and knowledge of people that I have made contact with, will make it that much more special on your wedding day!


It is always nice to be able to rely on someone that you trust in order to accomplish the task at hand.
Being a wedding planner is like hiring an interior designer; I am able to translate your vision; to know where to go, can narrow choices and have connections with suppliers so can get good deals.

•The Mission: to make your dreams come true. Aim for clarity.

•The Objectives: What goals do you need to accomplish? When do you need to accomplish them? What steps do you need to complete in order to complete your mission?
•The Strategies: Make connections to accomplish the task.

•The Action Steps: What do you need to accomplish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to achieve your goals? These tiny steps will lead you to successfully completing your bigger strategies.

•Keeping Score: Keep records of our progress and keeping you on budget!

•Daily Tasks: Creating a list of projects; break each and every project into simple steps. What’s first? What’s next?

With detailed and actionable lists of tasks before us, the next step is doing it. Keep records of the tasks we accomplish.
On a monthly basis or weekly, sit down with you and go over our task lists and your budget.
By scheduling regular thinking time and diligently monitoring our progress we’re making things happen!